Dont Feel Well

After all that abuse from last night ... waking up today was nothing but pain... my head is killing me .. my jaw and body feels bruised.. feel like throwing up... haven't eaten .. all i wana to do is sit in a corner and cry....
babygrlfrmbklyn babygrlfrmbklyn
22-25, F
5 Responses Sep 9, 2012

Are you with someone tonite??


Unless you are tied up and locked in a dark room with no escape you have a choice. You can feel however you want and that is OK. If you want it to change, do something different.

You have lots of choices. Anything you do will be much better than where you are right now. Pick out your sexiest panties, top, pants and shoes and leave. As long as you are where you are there will me not one moment of relief. Sitting in a corner crying is a good place to die. Get up, walk out the door.

yea many times in my life that i want die .....

oh, Sweet Pea,<br />
i've been there and done that...if you feel that you need an ear to bend i will gladly offer mine. i have two ears and one mouth. two ears so, i can listen twice as much, as i speak.

thank u