I Have No One....

i am nineteen years old and am completely depressed. i have no way to pay for any medication that i know i need. i have literally no friends, and i'm not sure why. i'm not hideous and am kind to anyone i come across. i lost a lot of friends in middle school and was left with only two or three friends in high school, which i also lost a little while after. i had a boyfriend of four years, but just today we broke up. we are on and off sometimes, but i don't think we will be together again, and he was the only person in my life that i had. i have a sister, but we are not close. i have never spoke to my dad. i love my mom, but cannot talk to her about anything serious or emotional. however, she has a boyfriend that touched my legs one night while i was sleeping. she let him come back in the house after a while, and then later on i saw him ************ infront of me. i told her, but she still stayed with him. i feel completely unloved, worthless, and alone. i am not good at anything and do not fit in anywhere. i get good grades i guess, but that's it. i have nothing going for me other than that. everyone hates me for some reason, and no one ever wants to get to know me or be friends. it really hurts.. i have the worst self esteem, depression and anxiety problems ever since i was a kid. i have also struggled with self injury, but try no to do that anymore. however, i am feeling at a low lately, so i'm not sure what to do anymore ):
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1 Response Sep 16, 2012

hey talk to me I want to help you I'm Alex