Motherless , Fatherless , Waiting For Someone To Understand .

K , since no one in my life has ever had to go through the pain ive had to deal with my whole life i am going to share it on here to see if anyone else can relate to what ive been through . So i am currently 14 and i have no parents , surprised ? i get that allot . So my mommy died when i was 7 in her sleep , i had just moved to a new city & she died , go figure just my luck right ? she was more then just my mom , she was my hero , my bestfriend the person who could do anything and it would make me smile , well she was about 26 , my father ? oh yeah he didn't want me , he pretty much decided he was going to just leave it up to my mom when we were homeless and had nowhere to go except a car that he was going to just leave. thanks dad . honestly , sometimes i feel like my life is just to much to handle and i honestly have nooone i can relate to so please just talk to me and i can give you advice or you could give me advice . alrightty thanks for listening , adios ;*
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I wish I could tell you it gets better but it doesn't you just get used to the pain but it does make you strong much stronger than most people you must use this strength and create your own future you have to look past the things that have hindered you and do what makes you truly happy, the people that loved us and are not here with us anymore would tell us the same, be strong stand firm and never let anything hold you back

I feel you. Youve done so well to carry on in this situation at such a young age, you should be proud of yourself. feel free to talk.