Im Alone

my names Robert, but i get called bobby im 13 and i have no parents they died when i was three due to a drug over dose i am the youngest in my family i have a brother 1 year older than me named ryley he is 14 and i had a brother who was 8 but he died of cancer (lukeimia... idk how to spell it)i never met him ryley told me his name was ross i never go to meet him he died before i was born and before ryley was born but we have pictures, me and ryley live in a foster homw with alot of other boys the ages range from 11-16 i might be able to name all of them:
There are others but i dont hang out with them, alot of them smoke, drink, steal becuse they think they have it bad, their parents couldnt afford to take care of them, well atleast their parents are still alive, me and ryley stick together becuse we are brothers and sometimes we can really kick ***, i have some friends like sky, and gavin are my friends they protect me becuse i am kinda strong but im skrawny, i blow up some times too i have bipolar disorder and ADHD some times i wish i could just see my parent one last time
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Hello Robert, it is good that you have your brother and have made some good friends. Sometimes, to have one good family member is better than to have many who are not. Friends also can be close like family, but be sure to pick the type of friends that will bring good things to you and others. It is important that you and your brother stick together and keep each other strong and motivated to always do the right thing and make the right choices. That's what is important in life. That we have someone that loves us and that we take care of the other. The other important thing in life is to stay strong, work hard and motivate each other. One day, when you two finish school and graduate college, you can create the future and life that you always wanted. I am proud of you. You sound like a very amazing and special person.

my mom is in rehab becuse she is drug addict and my dad and step mom have full costody of my i have 1 older brother who is my bio brother but i dont see him hes 22 and i have 2 step brothers ronnie is 10 and felix is 3

sorry,about you mom gabe...