I Wish I Had Parents

My parents were a very abusive couple. From the time I could remember I was always being beaten or locked away in my room for days on end. I had to **** or poop out the window and I got fed once a day if that. I told many people and not one person cared or even believed me. I was to young to realize that police could of helped. When I was 11 my father wanted me to go live with him as he left my mother and i told him no i did not love him so he killed himself and my mother abandoned me with my grandma. Those 11 years were absolutely horrid I was even given alcohol for most of that 11 years.

I moved in with my Grandma and for roughly 5-6 years I started doing drugs and treating everyone like crap. I developed Anxiety/Panic attacks as well as OCD after I stopped doing drugs around 16-17. My Anxiety.attacks put me in the hospital alot and I started to realize that I needed help with alot of things.

I got classes for my Anxiety/Attacks and well as my OCD and I as even able to stop taking meds and control my Anxiety/Attacks on my own. The OCD still stands even today but its controllable. From 18-30 which I am 30 now I really changed my life I got myself a great job, I have not drank or did any drugs since I was 18, I dont smoke, I have 2 kids & a wife, A great job and I live a fantastic life.

Tho I will say that I wish that I could of at least had better parents. I do feel lonely in this life with out any real family (Not including my current family) My grandma died, My grandfather is an A-Hole and I my current family on my grandmothers side are not really great people.

I was told along time ago that when I was born I was wrapped around my mothers cord and the doctor revived me & my mother told me he should of left me dead. I am glad he saved me cause I love my kids, wife and my life
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Thanks for listening to my story. My life has been wonderful so far I have a 6 year old thats I love to death, I have a wife and we just had another child (Girl) who is 10 days old. I have a great job and home as well.

I do feel the loss of having no parents and alot of times wish my daughter had grandparents but they both will never experience the pleasure of having a grandma/grandpa. My wifes side of the family which is her parents dont really associate much with our girls they are the type who think if you have kids there yours thats final. we dont babysit or anything.

Anyways thanks for understanding and listening. It does feel good to get it out but does feel crappy at the same time. I do miss the father bond that I never had.

you should thank God for a living to tell your story and the life you have now

This man over here creates his own life. He just had to really appreciate the people and things he has now.

I read your story and I am so sorry that you had that kind of life. Somewhere in there is a lesson for you and no doubt you try to make sure your kids never feel the things that you did and probably still do at times.

My dad died very young, my mother is alive but has never bonded with me. Sometimes I wish I had a loving bonded family but I don't. I'm grown with a daughter of my own. I'm terrible at relationships but I do the best I can.