Minds Are Like Parachutes

...work best when they're open.  I am incredibly judgmental and I make evaluations immediately, usually on a scrap of evidence.  How someone speaks, how much the person knows about jazz, if I sniff out racism, etc.  I'm not proud of it, and I do battle it.  But one of the biggest ironies I've found is that Liberals - who profess to be tolerant and open-minded - are actually more rigid and dogmatic than just about any other group.  Being open-minded means welcoming ideas that run contrary to everything you hold dear.  Intellectual honesty means putting all the ideas in a gladiator pit and seeing which one survives.  Liberals play favorites, and then boo-hoo or get uppity when you call them on it. 
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It always warms my little heart when people can disagree without being wretched to one another (as rare as that is.) :)

Isn't that the fuel EP runs on? If we all agreed on everything - we'd be thread-bare.

You're generous, IT, maybe too generous. I can be close-minded like the next Peep. For example, Hendrix is the best, all the time, no debate.

I had a philosophy professor in college that was one of the most intellectually honest people I have ever met. At any given moment he was willing to enter into a debate that challenged his entire belief system - and he did so fearlessly. His goal was not to "sell" you his beliefs, or even defend them out of loyalty; but simply to examine them, and others. He was always searching for the founding truth that transcended all prejudice. He was inspiring.

"Intellectual honesty demands always being willing to examine and test one's values fairly and ob<x>jectively - not simply accepting the unacceptable."<br />
<br />
That, my friend, is a definite keeper. :)

I'm at a loss for a statement. That's my personal prophet and loss statement.

monopoly - no - proclivity - yes

It has been my experience that no particular political ideology has a monopoly on ignorance and closed-mindedness...it's more a factor of the individual person.

Yes. So let's make room for crooked politicians, pimps, hypocritical ministers, thieves, assassins, and even rap "musicians" by applying your benevolent attitude that "it takes all kinds to make a world." -- I apply the term "open-minded" to the idea that intellectual honesty demands always being willing to examine and test one's values fairly and ob<x>jectively - not simply accepting the unacceptable.

Part of being "open-minded" is having more than normal tolerance of all people and those people's thoughts and opinions. So to label yourself as openminded in one sentence and draw out your intolerance of another group of people in another sentence, would imply that you are not so openminded afterall. <br />
When I start to feel a little judgemental and 'intolerant' of another human being or group of people, I just remind myself that it takes every kind to make this world go round. <br />
To put it more simply; <br />
"To each, their own"

Very true - and very poetically expressed. Stay well Puck.

I suppose I was just saying that we are beachcoming through life, picking up and taking home the things that appeal to us., and leaving the things that don't., but collectivelly humanity never completely clears the beach of wonderful things, and closeminded people have barren shelves, mantles, and windowsills.

wow! well said grams :)

Thanks! That was helpful. I'm slow sometimes.

Don't understand what this means.

"Believe all things, hold fast to that which is true."<br />
<br />

Good Morning Mr. Maple. That was an interesting discussion I had with that guy, poor fellow was talking about EP like it was a heroin dispenser. Then again, in my little program - the one named after a type of battery - I often run into people who say "I could get addicted to anything." Gram. As you know, I like to keep it light and fun, as my friend Guy says, "I'm not here for a long time, I'm here for a good time." But JD was really provoking me, and that's not smart. I can tolerate a lot, and I do, but being proud of ignorance and celebrating it, well, I have my limits.

Gosh fella's, it seems such a simple principal to me..treat and judge others as you would want to be treated. I have recently seen bigotry, injustice, and judgementalness first hand, and it is an ugly degrading sight to witness. Mention of a sickness, Oh... your this or that, even with the appearance of a person the looks that are shot across a room can be as if a gun shot. Not knowing who that person really is beneath the cloths or outward appearance. There is a story behind each and every one of us and that story needs to be considered before making judgements. I have recently sat and talked to people in a VA clinic, people who others would not give the time of day, people whos storys broke my heart, and health and medications have alot to do with how others percieve them. I have learned how a smile from a stranger makes their day, a hand to hold when they feel as they have no worth in this world. Gentle people, hearts and souls full of nothing but love for man kind.The smallest gesture of kindness gives them the greatest joy. Yes simple to me with out all the mumbo jumbo... treat each other with the respect you yourself expect, regardless of their circumstances My favorite saying here is that we are all a family of misfits each with our own set of circumstances, lets be kind to one another.

Bravo JD! Indeed, the freedom we enjoy here in the good old U.S. of A. includes the freedom to be "close-minded," intolerant, and devoted to sloppy ideas incapable of withstanding any debate at all. -- Actually, this gleeful celebration of anti-intellectualism and ignorance, defiantly resisting reason or education – (so perfectly embodied by the arrogant imbecile in the White House) - is probably practiced more consistently than any other type of freedom. However, even in this context, your commitment to it is inspiring.

I like the wink. I am tough on Liberals because I hold them to a higher standard.

Don't you think you're being a bit closed-minded about Liberals? ;)