Days of Whine & Neuroses

Great topic!  I have no patience for whining and making excuses because this behavior reminds of someone I loathe, the person I used to be.  I grew up with every conceivable advantage, and a few others that happened to be lying around.  Despite this I was miserable, ungrateful, and arrogant - entitled - fleeing responsibility in self-destruction, drugs, alcohol, sex, music, high-risk behavior.  Despite all I had - such gifts - I considered life unpalatable - it didn't meet my expectations.  Manic Depression, divorce, losing everything, prison, mental hospitals, set me straight.  Today I lead what might be called a "modest" life - which is to say - Buddhist monks frequently stop by with covered dishes and church mice hold bake sales for my benefit.  But today I never make excuses, never - only results matter.  And as for whining, I never had it so good.  Today I am as grateful for the cloudy days as I am for the sunny ones.
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You are generous, CrippleCrow. I believe that you are wise. You have seen a lot of life even though you are young and perhaps appreciate more than most that humility, acceptance, and gratitude will get you through the night more comfortably than just about anything. As a friend of mine likes to say, "Life is a full-contact sport; wear a helmet."

Thank you. I have been taught that, "We do not get to choose who we help." One must simply attempt to follow the true path and lead a righteous life. In the process of doing so, sometimes one is useful to others. Frequently one is helpful without even knowing it. Eliminating ego is the first step. I appreciate your kind words.

Every day is a miracle no matter who or where we are in life. You do count for something, El - your wisdom is not lost and I'm most amused by your posts ;).

Thank you so much, Aristartle. (Hilarious name, by the way, and unforgettable avatar.) I feel as strongly about this today as when I wrote it. Entitlement is a curse. Every new day is a miracle I don't deserve. But I try to show my appreciation for it by being useful in the world, by taking my humble talents and putting them to use in the service of others. I'm like a cat on his 9th life, I want my days to count for something.

Some of your best writing here - Excellent!

You're the most, SCD. That's an older post, and it was fun rereading it. It contains a lot of story, a lot of truth, some insight, and even a few laughs on the way. Not bad for one paragraph. - God I hate whiners! They complain. You suggest a possible solution. They slap it out of your hands - I couldn't do that! Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.

'Buddhist monks frequently stop by with covered dishes and church mice hold bake sales for my benefit.' <br />
Hahahaha!<br />
<br />
*Falls off chair in a fit of hysterical laughter*

Bravo, thats all, Bravo