I Can't Even Write My Feelings Without Someone Over My Shoulder.

i write a lot of poetry and when i am writing ...my dad is over my shoulder saying " what are you writing?" why are you putting your family down...blah blah...and my sister looks at my poetry she always says " why are all your poems depressing?.... that's stupid...why can't you be happy for once?"....you know why i can't ******* be happy because i have no freaking privacy. none. i can't write poetry without someone reading it then saying it's too this and that. i can't talk without someone saying "you act like your gonna die right now" i can't stand it when i have written something and its in a drawer....then my sister comes in there goes...through all my crap and finds the thing i have written ...starts saying " oh poor poor meris" it hurts me that i get mocked by own ******* family ...when i started crying because he said " you can cut yourself a million times...i don't care ..your still going to school" he started to mock me crying saying " i'm so pathetic ...i want everyone to feel sorry for me".....like seriously....i want that to stop. i remember my dad and sister started to mock me while i was crying TOGETHER. see they have that daughter and father relationship...it's the sickest relationship i have ever seen. they never respect what i wear....how i think...or even who i am. my sister always saying"stop acting weird " that's who i am ashleigh" "no it's not".... OK so if i'm not weird then who the **** am i....because obviously since she knows everything then she should be able to tell mewho i am and how i should act. because she is my sister...my great ... adorable.... definitely not a ***** sister  
meris24 meris24
18-21, F
Nov 23, 2011