NO fcking privacy in my life.

I'm 17 now and still don't fcking have my own privacy.
Heck! My parents even dnt give it to me nor respect it and so does my siblings..

I recently posted a story about my parents reading my diary and ripping all my stories... that was just actually the start of my family invading and ripping my privacy.

Recently i discovered that my mom has been talking wd my brother and they're working together to access ALL, again ALL my accounts... facebook, twitter, yahoo, viber, kik, skype, EP.. etc.

Also when i go out, they go around my things and look for things that i might have written my feelings on or something..

(im a pen and paper girl)

A couple of days ago too, my mom suddenly cleaned my whole room. At first i was like, okay... and then i got to thinking and things just started stitching in my head..

Apparently i don't know why the fck they want to access my accounts and rummage my things to snoop around... okay maybe because they discovered shts in my diary and wanna see more.

I'm freaking 17 for god's sake! gonna be 18 soon and im a teenager...


I don't know what the heck is wrong with my family! I just hate all this... honestly i feel like im raped.. im an open book to them.. all the things about me they can see and... i hate it.. it's not because im hiding something or what.. it's because it's MY LIFE.

They don't have to know everything about me.. don't get me wrong.. i do tell things from my parents but there are limits to everything.

Voicing out to my parents how i feel about this.. it's a no go. They don't listen.. they never do..
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Jus set password for everything and write some fake dairy and let them read

My dad and stepmom do the same exact thing.
Change all your account names to different names in cases they're about to succeed in hacking your account. The internet, for me at least has too much info that you don't want them to know

I know how you feel, my parents are always snooping. Especially my dad, he wants to know everything, from who I talk to in school to the assignments to how I felt that day!