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Racist parents. they mention that they dont like the idea of us (me and my siblings) dating people that are black. I dont think id have a problem with it. I mean... Im not attracted to black guys in general though. So its never been a issue :P but if i do end up liking a black guy or something it wouldnt bother me. :) and my parents can suck it. Its my life not theirs. And i happen to like all sorts of people >>
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Hello....Believe me I hear you. It is your choice that truly shows what we truly are for more than our abilities...You can choose to live the life you want to live.. You are not a baby it"s about time they start treating you as an adult!i It upsets me when people are racist. Everyone is different in this world there is not one person who is the same so....if they are not happy with your decission that's there problem. Not yours.. I wish you all the luck in the world. Take care and good luck....Anto815

Fine has no color. If a guy is sexy as hell, he is just sexy as hell!! lol.. Color doesn't matter, genetics does!