I have been with my boyfriend for 17 months. I am very happy with him. He is mexican, and I am white. Our relationship has been terrific. There has only been one problem. His mom hates me. I hate to say or think it, but its because I am not of the same race. I have had dinner with his family multiple times, and the whole time I'm ignored. They know I do not speak spanish, and when my boyfriend tries to include me in the conversation, they all start speaking spanish. I try not to let it hurt my feelings, but I have honestly never done anything to make her not like me. Him and I have been together for so long, you would think thatshe would drop it and try, for her oldest son, to get along with me. It just gets so frustrating sometimes.
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1 Response Aug 4, 2010

I wish the generations before could accept what you have said. I've never looked at it from the point of it changing the world. That was very smart. :) if they could just realize that it is a benefit I would be content.