Black Woman Who Prefers White Men

I'm a black woman and have always had a preference for white men.. I don't know why, it's just the way I am. I've dated a few black men and cared for them but I don't actively seek them out. I'f I'm going to feel attracted to any man black, white, asian, spanish whatever..he's going to have to be educated, dress well and use proper english, have the same morals and values as I do just to name a few things. If I were to meet a black man my age that didn't have gold teeth, could speak proper english, was educated etc. I might give him a chance... but have yet to meet anyone like that. I'm kinda bashing black men here.. and my thought on that is don't be" bashable"(let's pretend this is a real word:). Moving on, I like the difference in skin color... maybe even like that white men and black women together may be seen in society as a little taboo.. I may like that I don't have to ad-hear to convention..?? It might make me feel unique??? All of this is fairly superficial and what really counts is who the man is ... what he is made of and how he makes me feel. The other issue is the word race.. and the term "interracial". THERE IS ONLY ONE RACE.. THE HUMAN RACE.. bugs me soo much that the term "interracial" is used! Its simply not accurate.. I mean it's not like he's a squirrel and I'm a fire ant.. two different creatures.. we're both human beings just different ethnicity's.
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So basically you don't prefer white skin, you more prefer a "white social context".
Said with George Carlin, you just happen to be black.

Interracial is in my eyes as good or bad as ethnicity. You' get into a euphemisticthreadmill if you exchange one for the other.
The N-word and all those positive meanings it aquired in the ghettocontext is imho a good example why people shouldn't use euphemisms.
If a word stays, it changes.
If it's substituted the new one will inherit the connotations from it's predecessor.

I hope I hadn't sound harsh.
I for myself are prejudiced towards german women, so I'm not a bit better.

One question I got. Do you think white man prefer white women over blacks?
I'm a bit of a pornaddicted, and there aren't so many black actresses, especially if you compare it to black actors.
But where I live the situation is hard too compare to the us meltingpot.

pS. Too much interracial could be boring. Would be a world without white AND black people or am I there basically wrong?

I've read many stories which related to this issue in EP and learned that many black men prefer white women.Rarely,have I seen any stories about white men and black women.I guess black women are more conservative ,they may not like to reveal too much personal feelings ,right?
Referring to the related stories,I saw many white women like black men too,but ,as they've revealed ,sex plays a major part in it......It seems white women like to have sex with black men, is that common? I'm don't want to take a part for the whole.I just say what I've seen.Anyway I live so far away from the western society.

I fully concur. I am a white lady age 44 and married to a black man age 40. I have 9 beautiful and lovely biracial children by various black men.. I am now pregnant again. My husband and I are expecting twin boys on July 4th. I started dating males since before high school. I got pregnant at 13 and had a beautiful biracial son later that year. I feel that more should try and enjoy an interracial relationship. You will not be sorry.

hahaha.. ok, I'm sorry you're confused. I don't have an inferiority complex, I don't hate black men, had a great relationship with my dad. Just don't like ghetto *** black guys who don't speak proper english on a full time basis, who wear their pants below their hips and have no common sense. Thanks for your comments but your quasi psychological evaluations are waaayyy off.

i know people have problems with labels, i personally try not to use them the way society does but labels are necessary. of course i use them more in the descriptive sense. black, white, asian, blonde, auburn and brunette, etc.

I totally agree with you.

You said there is only one race human race yet you relate about the black and white thing. I think you should look into yourself and you'll find it you who rather have problem to be labelled because you are already labelling yourself.

Im a black female too and is currently dating a white dude.

When I was "on the market," I just refused to date out of my race. Just becasue. No other reason. Today, I can only wish that I had been true to myself. I would have at least dated several really attractive African-American women.

Absolutely, we are all human beings! Never did understand WHY it's such a big deal for some people. I really, really don't. And, I can see a difference in overall attitude between now and 20 years ago. Looking forward to even more change :-)