Happy To Be In One (:

my mother comes from a strict family. her dad (my grandpa) is not racist, BUT believes that whites should be with whites and blacks should be with blacks and etc. However, my mom was of course the black sheep and married 3 times. her first husband was white, her second husband was biracial (my dad) , and her current husband is puerto rican. ( she likes a variety ;) ) i guess thats where i came in and followed right in her footsteps, because i dont see color. i am as white as a vampire, and my boyfriend is black. i love him to death, and i wish my grandpa wouldnt look at their color, but whats on the inside and what they have to offer. you cant help you you fall in love with, and everyone should be with someone who makes them happy. (:
HisLittleRedhead HisLittleRedhead
22-25, F
May 4, 2012