I do not care what race, religion or anything like that you are. I just like people for who they are inside. why does it matter to anyone what color another person is? I quit seeing differences in the color of someones skin a long time ago .probably about the time my aunt started saying how she did not like people of different races. And I definitely did not want to be like that, like her in her prejudiced views.
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I followed my buddies in here too, and I'm glad I did.<br />
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The color of a person's skin means little of the person inside.Prejudice is not something you're born with it's something you learn. <br />
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So the fact you saw how your Aunt was and chose not to follow her in her beliefs shows you are a special person. Shame we don't see a lot more folks just like you.

Yes parents or guardians of children should think before they speak or act in the wrong manner. Children learn what they are around every day so if someone is talking about other races badly it will go on and on like they might pass that behaviour onto their children too. Yes I really knew that I did not want to be like her for so many reasons.

I followed grantmepeace here... :) but I think people are like presents. We're all wrapped in different bodily packages but just like any other present.....It's what inside that counts....

Yes they are people are different and there is much we can learn from other people no matter who they are. Everyone should be glad of who they are and not let anyone tell them any different.

Awesome way of looking at things neon!

Thank you!

I think my daughter said it best, when she was 4 years old. This was back in the 1960s, and she heard people calling her friends, the coloured kids. She asked me why, and I tried to explain, but before I could say it all, she exclaimed. *But Mommy, we are all coloured aren't we? We are just different colours. Like my crayons in the box. I need them all* I told her she was right, and let it go at that. We are all different colours and all of those colours are needed, like those crayons in the box.

I love that comparison!! SO true! ♥

She was priceless. I loved when she said made me proud.

What an amazing way to look at the world and the people in it.

Left alone, children will never be racist. Not that they don't see colour, they simply love it all.

Yes that is wise and a good saying. Besides I think we should all be glad of who we are.

I agree with you.


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