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So What!

I have been in many interracial relationship for most of my life. This is all that I know. I was brought up by wonderful parents that always encouraged us to be independent and our own individuals. They taught us that all people are different, but all deserve love. I think it's wonderful to see different races in love. They have learned the art of appreiciating a person's character, rather than the color of skin. They have found that common ground to share their cultures with each other. I have a interracial nephew and I love him to pieces. We raised him to be proud of his white and black culture. And he proudly excepts them both. We want him to know that he was made in love, and we will raise him with love. So no matter what race you fall in love with; love them to the fullest. It doesn't matter what others negatively think, or stupid opinions people give. When I stare at a interracial couple it's not out of hate, but out of admiration and happiness. These people are on a another level of love!
Misspurple Misspurple 31-35, F 1 Response May 20, 2012

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I agree with you! My parents raised me the same, although not all my family agrees with it. We are all human and color is nothing, its the inside that counts! I have dated different races and am telling my kids do to the same if they wish. Its all about the respect :)

I totally agree with u! I will also raise my child the same way too! I just want my child to find true love and a person who respects him for who he is on the inside and not on the outside!

Thank you :)