My Wife Is Over 60

Hi we are in our 60s, i have always dream abut connecting my wife with a black man, we  came real close some times, but we always had to get back to the kids, now thirty years latter I still em trying. our experence was seval times one time back in bflo,ny we were parting and dancing, going back to the bar I seen a good looking black man i started talking to him direct and asked if would  be in to it, his anwser was yes, I went back to the booth and told my wjfe i ran into a older army buddy, 15 minutes later he came to the table introduced himself, greated my wife with a big hus and a big kiss smack on the lips. He seated next to my wife we drank and danced, he then asked if i would my if I would my if he danced, and say yes, they start getting up, i said to my wifw give him a kiss, so he knows so he knows you want to dance, she did they several dances drank more and danced more, i looked up they were lisasing and his hands wherew all over her, ealier I asked my wife to take off her bra and panties she did my wife was 10 or 15 pounds over but has big **** from having kids and loves to have them sucked on antway as they were dancing he began kissing feeling her up, putting his hand under her dress. They came back to the booth verey close they kept kissing and now he had his hands inside her dress playing with her ****, i excused myself went to the bar and waited awhile and looked over he had her **** out and covered. this went on for a couple hours and it closing time, then we had last call and he asked us to come up to his room and have a drink. we where in the hall and it was snowing, i did not want to drive, I though we were set and then she got cold feet and he did not stop her and wew went home anf ****** all night. THATS MY STORY.
buffalotom194769 buffalotom194769
May 20, 2012