Always Fantasised About Dating A Black Man/woman

Why would anyone have a problem with interracial relationships? Personally, I've always fantasised about being in a relationship with a black man or woman. They have the most incredible smiles and beautiful, flawless skin! And the contrast in skin colour would only be a thing of beauty to me - two people entwined as one. I'd love to see my pale skin against someone's darker tones. There's just something so attractive about that to me!

I think that if two people have found love, it shouldn't matter who they have found it with. At the end of the day, love is love! What's wrong with that?
Meeoko Meeoko
18-21, F
3 Responses May 23, 2012

I am 13, my parents were out of town last weekend. My older sister (18) was with me @ home when her boyfriend called . He came over and took her to a party. She made me go with her, when we got there this black guy kept staring at me. My sister and her bf ditched me, this guy came and sat next to me he kept touching me on my legs and arms, face. I drank this strawberry drink and felt woozy( I dnt drink at all) then he kissed me, first jus my lips then with his tounge. He was touching my boobies and then he started rubbing between my legs. I said NO! He kept feeling my boobies and kissing me. He put my hand on his penis and it was Huge.... I was scared. I got up and went out side. My sister came by after about an hour, I dent tell her any thing, she gave me a phone # and said his name was Shawn and he really liked me, she knew all along,I know it was wrong but it has me really turned on. I've never touched my self moree tha I have this past week.I think I like black guys , I wanna call him and make out some more. He is 23

I think that you can't help who your attracted to and if being with someone of another culture is what you want then why not. I never dated another race but I would if I liked that person. Its about your happiness at the end of the day. So many people live for others and never find their own happiness, so whatever makes you happy you should do.

I agree with you, nothing hotter than when i look down watching my BBC slowly pushing between a sweet, tight pale wet ***** . would enjoy chatting more about interracial relationships. will you add me to your list please?