My High School Girlfriend

  I wish 30 years ago everyone would have thought that.I graduated from high school in 1981 and my girlfriend and I were treated like out cast ..It taught me alot about simple people and thats being nice..Anyway after  being in the Marines and being gone for almost 25 years she and I are still very close that is love.
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Very nice!!! It shows that true friendship spans a lifetime and we never forget those that are true!

May I say, that is a great relationship. Keep it going because it is love from the depths of your lives. Stay close always. She is your best friend and confidant.

thats terrible i knew somebody who was in a mixed race relationship not too long ago and got lots of ****

I wish you'd told us more. Was it a BM/WW interracial relationship?

Beautiful. I am not sorry for anything that happened to you before you found out and realized, that you love her. Enjoy and stay friends with her in all aspects.

Awww. That's cute. I wish you guys the best of luck (:

What a beautiful and short story . thank you for sharing!

:) beautiful. plain and simple.

My high school ofriend and I are still very close too...although we are both married and have kids..and as for interracial relationships.. my 14 yo son is in one my household we are taught there is no skin color! If more people thought this way the world itself would be a much better place!!