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What Does It Matter!

I believe it doesn't really matter what two people look like as long as they are comfortable with themselves and each other. What anybody else thinks is not relevant.
I have not experienced one myself. The closest I came was that my prom date in HS was African-American. Personally, I don't pay attention to color except as part of the overall characteristic that attracts or doesn't attract me. I look for the characteristics that I like in a woman and frankly skin color is at the bottom of the list. I'd rather date a woman of color who matched my other areas than a white gal who didn't match the grade.
I look for humor, intelligence first and foremost, because if these are lacking, they could be absolutely gorgeous, but I wouldn't have a good long term potential with them. If both of those are satisfied, then I'll consider physical characteristics. There is a certain body style that attracts me more than others, but that is strictly visual. This can be overridden by someone capable in the first two characteristics. As was demonstrated to me a few hours earlier, humor and intelligence are sexy than any other characteristics hands down.
So, if a person of differing race interests you, then go for it.
PrairieDog71 PrairieDog71 41-45, M 1 Response Jun 10, 2012

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Who makes you think humor and intelligence are sexy? You should definitely thank them. Not enough people have realized how true that is.

Well experience taught me this. Maybe as a teen, I would have thought differently, but I learned some life lessons the hard way (I always a stubborn cuss). Women such as yourself are the one's a guy should get to know, because w/o those first two ingredients anything else possessed is lifeless. I don't want a rubber doll. I want a living, laughing lady who can keep life fun since her intellect can match mine or even better surpass it. I don't mind being the dummy of the two, as long as I can keep up.