I've Had Interacial Relationships And Proud Of It

I'm a mixed race girl(African American and white) and I've dated many men of all types of races. At first I started out dating black men only but finding white guys to be slightly attractive. All of that changed after I ended up going out with a white guy. Now my personal preference is white men but is that a deal breaker? Not at all. Personality and chemistry is, no matter what the race. My son is even half black and half Italian. I do get a lot of slack from my family because I don't date within my race, but it's my choice and if that person makes me happy then who cares about race.
KatDaRosa KatDaRosa
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Your an abomination.. Mixed races. You should hang yourself

I mean there comes a point in ur life u living ur life for yourself and not living your life for people or what they think and throw caution to the wind and he is your boyfriend regardless of what color he is provided he treats u right he is dating u not them and it's ur choice so let you be there are nice people in every race no a person for their character not color broaden horizon and have bigoted view

It all depends what keeps you happy... color race or anything does not matter.

All I have to say is: If it makes you happy, the family will get over it! People are just ignorant. I can't imagine telling one of my kids I did not approve of their bf/gf/spouse because of race, religion or whatever!

Hmm mixed race, meaning one parent white and one parent African American? Which parent is giving you the difficulty about dating within your race? *boggled* And you do know the best comeback from someone telling you that you should date within your race right?<br />
<br />
"I am dating within my race. He's human. I don't date aliens."

My father is half African American and White, my mother is full African American. And it's my mother's side, my parents are divorced so it's the side that is 100%. But I don't get that because we have a ton of races in our family but whatever.

I LOVE that come back! lol