Omg Her Roomate Was Home

When we started having sex we were in her bedroom. We ended up breaking the bed so we moved to the living room downstairs. I could have swore I saw her roommates car outside but, she insisted that her roommate was not home, she was out of town. We continued to have sex in the living room and, then on the kitchen table. After we finished we went upstairs , I showered first , then left.
The next day I came over to her house and while we were watching a movie, her roommate walks into the kitchen but, before she gets into the kitchen she says; "Hey guys" and then very silently says; "I don't feel like hearing you guys have sex today". My girl didn't hear her but, I heard her clearly. She was home the hole time while I was railing my gf in the living room. She heard every groan, moan and scream. I wanted to laugh but, inside I was kind of embarrassed.
Andrewmiddle Andrewmiddle
31-35, M
Sep 18, 2012