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Of course I don't!! If two people are in love it's a great thing, who cares about color?! It still amazes me that some idiots do have a problem with it - I find it mind boggling!

AWUK AWUK 26-30, F 4 Responses Aug 8, 2008

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I am a white man , and i love to see white girls with black <br />
men. I have hd a few black girls too. I thing all white girls need to have fun with a black man one time

i live in a country where so many idiots still flourish and even rule.<br />
<br />
we are newly liberated or empowered is the pc term (just about 15 years now). I was heard a comment from a veteran of the struggle for a free society. she said that when fellow africans in the struggle saw a black man with a white wife they would commonly joke "see, he is married to a madam"<br />
<br />
Now sadly, this type of idiotic discrimination come from black people as well as from white people. Black people fought and died for liberation and equality and now talk such nonsense. <br />
<br />
I have discovered that black tribes discriminate against each other as well. They tell me that not all blacks are the same. What idiocy.<br />
<br />
awuk - i love your insight. however, we still get the hundreds of stares whenever we step out. it does not bother me at all, though. most times i don't realise that we are being stared at. I am simply too busy loving and enjoying my outing.<br />
<br />

We get more comment when I am in Africa with my African wife than we do here in the UK. And I have found that those of different tribes can be very racist against each other, too. Sad, really, that people just can't get along with each other.

Yep - very true! I just see it the same as someone having different color hair or eyes, it really makes no difference what-so-ever!