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I've never had a problem with interracial couples, but in my part of the country, particularly my town, it is not accepted. I can understand it more in the older folks, but I can't abide the bigotry in people of my generation and younger.

It isn't unusual for people around here to throw around the "N" word, or say ridiculous **** like, "You don't see dogs mating with cats" and things like that. They can't wrap their minds around the fact that we are all just people, and not so different from each other. Prejudice still is alive and well in rural Tennessee. I have met many people that I thought I could be friendly with, but my respect for them goes out the window when they show how intolerant they are. The anger in this town was palatable when Obama won the election.

My sister had a biracial child. She is a beautiful child, and my wish for her is that she doesn't have to face ridicule because her mother is white and her father is black.

Love is love, and we are all members of the human race. I can't understand why it matters to people, but around these parts it still does.

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In total agreement with you on this.

No one should care one way or the other unless it directly involves them. In my case I have always had black friends growing up, playing ball and partying with. I have even had sex with some black girls in school. My wife on the other hand was just the opposite. She had had only one or two black friends in school and they were both girls. Any white girls who went with black were looked down on and really didn't fit in either social circle, black or white. She only started thinking about what black sex would be like after she finished school and we married. She was working in a sales office when we married at the time where there were several black males she worked with in the office and those who worked routs. She often mentioned that a couple of the guys would hit on her but she would always turn them down but really deep inside she wanted to take them up on there offers. She was only there about a year then came to work for me managing my office. She never mentioned it again until a I hired a black guy to work sales in Miss., Al., and La. She was instantly attracted to him and I could see it in her eyes and her body language when ever she was around him. I would see her crotch watching and just ask her if she would take him up on any offer he may have and f..k him. She said she just still thought about it now and then but really couldn't. This went on for about another year then we went to Birmingham to meet a subcontractor I was doing some business with and now she sees him a couple times a month. She likes his bbc and our sex is much better and I like my sweet little wife being a *****.

Exactly. I mean who cares if someone's skin tone is darker or lighter. Do bigots realize how ridiculous that sounds! My best friend is white and she is married to a black man. They have the most wonderful relationship I've ever seen. It is like something out of a fairy tale. I have been engaged to a man that was part black. He looked sort of like Tupac but lighter. He was good looking and had beautiful eyes, but he was a jerk (but that has nothing to do with skin color) and severely abusive. My Dad told me once if I married him, he would disown me and told me blacks and whites shouldn't 'mix' I said, 'mix? what are we drinks?' <br />
He didn't find that amusing

I'm about 90 miles south of Nashville, RT.<br />
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I think the stigma of being part of an interracial couple is diminishing, too. For the most part people in their 30's and younger don't seem to care like the older generations.

I live in a predominantly black city relatively near you, and even here there's quite a bit of racism. Good luck to your niece, the world can be harsh.

East Tennessee?

Hear hear! We are all part of the human race and should try more to see how as human beings, we all want to be happy and live in peace. Unfortunately as the world and resources shrink, I fear there will be only more conflict in the future. But interracial is beautiful. Sharing of cultures is beautiful. <br />
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I am California and it is more progressive but driving cross country to Florida showed me that racism and hate is still alive and well in many parts of the country.