Oh My Boo!!

I love everything about him. He's black and gorgeous. Those sweet brown eyes! Oh!

I love the feel of his hair when it's cut short. I would always put hair oil on his hair, without even asking him and he would move with my hands and enjoy my touches.

He's a party boy at heart and calls himself a "real nigga" but to me he is a sweet hearted man. A real man, despite his flaws. He knows who he is and what he wants. He's a mamma's boy and the baby of the family. He lost his dad when he was young. he is light skinned so people tease him and call him "yella boy". To me he is everything that is fine.. I was watching T.I. tonight and he reminds me of him.. I was getting so horny!

I did get a little possesive of him recently and had to apologize for it tonight. He had gone away for a little while and I had to cope with that. I even cried a little bit over it. We had such good times together and I had to get over that. I called him tonight and told him I was feeling better and he was glad to hear it. He said he did notice that I was being that way and said that I was 'alright'.

When you know someone lights your fire, you just can't get enough. Well, he does that for me. He's been real with me and shown me his vulnerable side. That is so intoxicating to me. He knows his body and is not ashamed of anything about him. He is not sensitive, physically, so I can do so many things to him that other guys could never handle. That makes an exciting sex-play for me because it borders on the taboo!  That's always provoking! All it takes for him is a good nibbling on his ear and he's ready to play!

He's a quiet soul so when he would talk and express himself I was just bowled over. I don't know how a man like this could get me so spun but he did! And he still does. He is confident and that's a major turn-on for me. I think it's that bad-boy thing too, just enough spice to turn the heat up!

My favorite was when we would take baths together, smoke and listen to music. We would relax and massage each other. We usually got quite randy after a while and either started getting down in the tub or shortly after we got out. He would just take me and have his way with me. mmmm..

I haven't seen him in 3 weeks and we will get to see each other tonight for a little bit and I can't freakin wait!

I'm going to play it cool and relax. I'm ususally much more hyper than he is. I need to remember to chill and not let myself get all horny and jump him. Just be still and enjoy his company..

The father of my daughter does have issues with black people. He was really upset when he knew I was dating a black guy. He likes to throw the 'N' word around and curse. I told him that I didn't care and he could stuff it. He's had so many insane girlfriends that I've had to suffer through! He can cry all he wants about my Boo being black. But I don't care.

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skin is skin. I'm very perceptive and see people as they are in the inside. <br />
<br />
I agree **** 'em!