You love who you love and that's that. :)
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I think when you have lived for a wile you finally realise that it's all about the person form within that really matters. You may look with eye but it's always the hart that rules. And if you can't see past the colour of their skin or the culture of that individual. You will never achieve peace and happiness.

I had a very ****** interacial relationship...she always criticised white people, had to constantly assert her blackness and was more ashamed that I was white than the fact that we we're both guess what? I'm sticking to europeans like me or asians.

I have no problem with people that eat meat. You are what you eat.

what race are you?


nothing interracial for us then unfortunately.

I'm already in an interracial relationship haha and your too old for me anyways :)

whoa whoa whoa, you are okay with interacial marriage but not inter aged marriage!? how prejudice.

I'm still in high school...

LMFAO bro just give it up

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I completely and whole wholeheartedly agree.