I have been bullied by a member in here and posting in everything they like, so it is warning what this person can do to you andYou know I it is hard to be friends with someone that always puts you down. Nobody wants to hear they are moron. Nobody wants to hear false lies that person is saying about them. Nobody deserves the emotional abuse. Good day. I and done. Thank you o
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oh no thats awful , I was insulted by someone from here username done14. So just a warning be careful.

Do you know who piecestothepuzzles is?

If someone is abusing you online - block them and be done with you. You are giving them permission to bully them by responding. Block and ignore.

Why did I get suspended twice not the bully?

Had you clicked on the ignore button, problem solved. Don't deal with people you don't want to deal with. Why do people not grasp this concept?

Why do bullies bother me that bad?