If you love someone then the color of their skin and nationality are irrelevant. Going on two years in an interracial relationship and loving every bit.
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Lucky you I wish it was me


I grew up in a very racist community. Which means my family is very racist I'm currently in one now and love her to death. My family still has not met her. How do I break it to them that she's black and how do I tell her my family is racist...

Be strong .. Be positive ... If your in love with her ... They will fall in love with her too...

I think you should prepare them first and I think she should demonstrate her confidence in you and your relationship...

And if after this they don't like .. What matters is that you do ... No ones opinion counts but your and hers ...

Yeah I know.. Just a 💩y situation! She's very sensitive about being black too... So it's hard for me to tell her my WHOLE family is racist.

Honesty is always the best thing! You can do it!

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Awesome keep being in love