Its fun to know different people and different cultures. My boyfriend is a whitey and I am an Asian.....We are pretty happy with each other........We learn a lot and enjoy being together.

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Your so lucky you were born now! Just 55 years ago you would have to hide that fact.

"Whitey". Did he tell you to write that or you couldn't think of a more disrespectful name all by yourself?

That word made me feel uncomfortable loll an I'm not even white but wow.

I feel like she wanted to make it funny. Like maybe in a group of friends but not in a post about how u accept other races should u refer to a white person as a whitey.... It's just like saying cracker

I understand she didn't mean it in a degrading way obviously she is fine with white people

Same. I don't think u have to label and trap urself in the box with that label

thats right.....i never meant to hurt any feelings of anyone......he calls himself whitey i never felt its a big deal.....Apologies to anyone who felt bad......!!!

people call it normally.....there is no harm...he calls himself that offences to anyone though

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