One love. One heart. Lets get together and feel alright. Those were Bob Marly's words in his song "One Love." For me, that's what it all boils down to. We are all the same species, with the same feelings, wants and needs. So why don't we just get together and feel alright with each other. Yet I still see issues over this, in the first half of the fricken 21st century, and it is obnoxious.

I remember a while back, there was a Cherios commercial with a little girl asking her mother if Cherios are good for your heart and makes you live longer, in which she went and poured the cereal on her dad's chest while he was sleeping. I remember that was a very cute commercial because of that concept, not because the mother was white and the father was black, but because this girl loves her dad so much that she wanted him to live longer.

Then, as though overnight, there was a heated debate online over this commercial. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Granted, I would be on the commercial's side and start bashing at the (obviously racist) people that were against it, but I think the ones supporting the commercial were very stupid and should of known better.

Knowing there's still racism in the era of a connected world is bothersome. But what really agitated me about this issue the most is the fact that the ethnicity of these people had to immediately be brought into the subject, positive or not. As i would recall, the first commenters of this commercial was the admiration of a racially mixed relationship. Well, of course there are interracial relationships today. It's almost the 21st century! It's not 1066!

The last thing I want to bring to the table is that when the earth's climate, geography and environment changes, so do humans. There have been a myriad of ethnic groups that have dramatically change or created through millenniums, from skin hue, to features, to even religious practices, cultural norms and attitudes. Some were developed through geographical isolation, other's were created through mixing with other groups. But all in all, racial and cultural changes are not bound within man made borders. So what makes us think that we can permanently tie down mother-nature into artificial categories?

If you want to marry or just have a one night fling with a racially different person, that's perfectly fine. If ethnic characteristics is one of your sexual preferences, I see nothing wrong with that. If you want to be with someone you love for their personality, regardless of what background they have, racially or culturally, I say "Have at it!" No one's stopping you and have no reason to. I personally have a magnetic attraction to Indian or Ethiopian women. In fact, I hope I have mixed kids with an Indian woman one day, cause they are so breathtakingly gorgeous.

One Love. One Heart. Let's make love or even make babies. But not war.
Joe808 Joe808
22-25, M
Aug 22, 2014