Well I'm kinda young but I still want to share my experience here. And what I'm about to say is very SHOCKING and I hope some of you may find ways to be respectful and not judgemental about my decision. Well when I was 12 I met this guy who was 21 and we started off as friends and it soon escalated to becoming more than friends. He is Arab from North Africa and I am black so we were in a interracial relationship. We've been together for 3 years now I'm 15 and he is 24. Some people don't really believe me but just because you are young or facing some differences in religion, culture or anything else their is always hope. Yes we are still dating :) and I am very happy.
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i am sorry young lady but you are headed for disaster,
a proud and haughty spirit only leads down!
only thing you have to know is once he take you away from your parents and moves you out of you country, THEN you will see his true colors, as i read your post i had forgotten that the founder of Islam was a child molester( he married his 6 Y/o niece ) we're talking about Mohammed, the founder of Islam.
I understand now what's going on and i will be praying for your eyes to be opened, cause you're in danger and don't even know it!

you see the religion of Islam does a lot of hiding this is there specialty,
they follow the code of a camel in the tent,( method of control and dominance)
let me teach it to you !
1. you're in the desert, in a tent to protect yourself from the rain and this tent is only big enough you, your camel is outside (where he belongs ) and he (camel) don't like being in the rain so he sticks his head inside the tent, you say it's OK ! next, the camel brings his front two legs inside and you say..... OK, then the camel get bold and brings his body inside
and begin to notice it's getting cramped inside the tent and as you're trying to figure out what to do, the camel bring the rest of his body inside forcing you outside in the rain and now you're angry and want to put the camel out, but he has taken over the tent and chases you away from HIS tent !
I hope you get the the picture and keep both eyes open,

I am telling you this because Muslims have a slave trade for young girls.

right now many young girls are being abducted, and used and are being led away to other country's to be sold for wife's and prostitutes in brothels,
please be careful and don't break communication with your parents.

let them know everything and keep them appraised of any decisions you make regarding this man!


Way to go girl!

t you really loved each other, I see no problem is this relationship.

Thank god some normal people came across this. Are as disgusted as I am. People only care about you. We would be crazy to say this a good a thing, or even remotely acceptable. So don't throw a temper tantrum cause most would be just as sick. 12 yo for gods sake. Only a very young adult or child would not. Karma is a real, and your molester gonna have bad things happen to him. Specially when he goes to jail, and he will. May not be for you two, but I can tell, he a petty criminal. Good outstanding civilians don't do that crap. So it only a matter of time.

Dude you've commented on this like 5 times. It doesn't matter move along

This Girl this she has everyone fooled from the fact she clams
she dating a Man and she's a Child , That's Not having sex..!!!
you better wake up and smell what you're shoveling! , If there was no sex, There would be no reason to hide .
he's a Child molester and God know what else!

The only thing you are is a bully. You're the only child molester I see and btw if I was hiding it then how would you know I'm dating him? Because I posted it for everyone to see... Jheez old man I see the wrinkles have taken over your brain.

foolish child .... It seems to me your parents did a poor job of raising you cause you don't respect them, if they ( you parents) tel you to do something , it's done .
once you become pregnant, you won't be able to hide
its' obvious you have no concept of right and wrong and that means you cannot be trusted to make adult decisions, your fantasy world of (I'm grown and being rebellious toward your parents ) will end in disaster, i implore you to seek professional help !

Suck my **** and F off old man

look another whack job invoking the invisible sky daddy

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You know how long have hidden this from your parents?
I know if you we're my daughter and I knew about this He'd be on his way to hell after I 'd sent him there !

Yeah 3 years hiding it for my parents ik lol xD

At your age do you know what love is ..... i doubt it !!!
you know lust... not love, this man doesn't love you!

If he love's you so .... How come you have to hide ?
when i fell in love with my wife, I told the whole world, including my parents.
I'm just saying, since you say this love is good.
@ 15 you don't know what love is .... i promise you don't and neither does he.

How could you know what one hearts desire? Many people do fall in love at young age. I'm tired of old people saying how we young people can never experience love. This is not your generation it's ours and it's for us to choose what we want to be remembered by. What's the problem? You aren't happy with me dating a 24 year old, well hop on your bike and pedal along. Sorry to be rude but the way/tone you are using is very disgusting. I understand people would look at us a certain way but that doesn't give anyone the right to be hateful and disrespectful. My parents don't know because as a AP student and a STRICT AFRICAN Christian I have a lot of pressure. My parents my mom even at age 15 she can disown me. I've been thrown out of the house a few times for doing my own thing and paving a future for myself. Life is under my parents rules. I'm sorry but at 15 I don't think I want to be disowned. Oh and did I mention my father is physically abusive? Not spanking but beating. You have no idea what my life is like and yet you have the audacity to tell me what I should do and what love is? Excuse yourself and hop on your bike and pedal those pedals QUICKLY! No offence :)

May'be you should try being obedient to your parents, as far as Beating is concerned.... you won't die from it.... possibly you need a few more beatings,
you are hard headed, insolent, disrespectful, and stupid, to think as a johnny come-lately , You know everything, been everywhere, seen everything, and can't know one tell you anything!
the bible say's HONOR thy Mother and Thy Father so that thy day's shall be long on this Earth.
I sincerely hope you don't have to find out what the other side of this promise means !
whether you want to or not ..... you can shorten your days thru disobence !
however if you won't even listen to your parents... you won't listen to me !

i do truly hope you learn this lesson before it's to late !

praying for you

I don't know if you are a pastor and I do respect that but they way you talk really doesn't say "I'm a pastor". All I wanted was to share my experience leave your judgemental self out of it. My dad is abusive yes my little sister almost died after being severely beaten to the point where her thigh and arms turned blue/purple. As a man of god you should be giving examples and honestly if you have kids I feel sorry for them. Having a father like you would probably be suicidial to me. #sorrynotsorry

I'm a very nice person BUT when you cross me then is turn into a bad person :) yeah 3 years together, no sex & perfectly happy :) :p sucks to suck.

That's what you think and say :) not me :) he loves me so

Like i said ... You're don't know what LOVE is but, for graces sake i will help you... 1st by telling you what it is not.
it is NOT a giddy feeling or something you feel !
Love is a sacrificial, giving of one self for the benefit of others with no thought of self in return.
Describes most parents doesn't it ?
One day God may bless you with Children and you will understand .
it's hard to talk to someone who's being victimized by the foolishness of make believe love and marriage with roses.
I only pray that as you get older you will get wiser .
good luck!

Shut up you can leave now :)

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U where 12. That child molestation. Seriously no else see it for what it is? People actually condone this. Omfg, what on earth is a 21 year old doing friends with a 12 year old. I hope same on this guys daughters. You think he would think that ok, cause he wouldn't. There a good reason this guy will get green lighted in prison or jail and killed. I hope to god a friend or fam member reports to authorities. Once you can buy a pack of cigarets, you can consider dating that much older. You kid so don't think this is a judgement of you. Just know this pice of garbage gonna hurt and devastate more than he has. In 10 years you will see it for what it is. He will be on to his next 12 year old victim.

Oh hush up, let her date who she wants wants. You have no say in this.

Don't tell me to hush up . She now only 15. It's disgusting no else has said it is what is. 12 year old most time don't even have a period. FYI the law would have a say in this would they not. Sorry I don't think this a safe haven for pedos and their v victims.

Lol your a lil kid yourself

When I was her age a had the same thing. So shut the **** up, you're not her father. She's happy, move the hell on

Yeah molestation quite rampant. So was I. Don't throw temper tantrum try and act like an adult. Looking at your profile you prefer guys 5 years older. That acceptable. 5 and 10 years a huge difference at that age. If you where sexual active at 12. You where molested. Even 12 and 17 is pushing it. Last thing I'm a dad. I have a daughter. That gives you paternal and maternal instincts for any child. We'll least with me. Also I've should you respect not to insult you verbally. So again your age says your an adult. Why don't you show enough respect to yourself, to act like one

Why are you caring about her sex life. She's not your daughter. She's not being molested. It's not against her will. They both agreed to it

She is someone's daughter. I have a daughter. You can't make that kinda judgment at that age, get real. Being a lil bit older, you should understand this. You should be giving this poor child much different advice. Shane on you

I can't tell her to love or date someone else. I'm with an older guy myself. I'm happy for her

This a dead horse. I highly doubt you where as young as she is, or he was as old as he was. I looked at your experiences n I'm guessing 5 year older. So that was in your experience. That a insanely huge difference

No no. I've dated way older than she and I was younger than her. Just because of my story doesnt mean I didn't date older than five years

Oh where you 10 with a 30 year old? I'm done this her experience. I'm not gonna justify ********** here. Sorry your wrong. Best of luck

How are you too judge. You Is a doodoo head

It's simple law of man. This is illegal in every civilized country. Common sense. And any dr therapist or adult of any civilized country would agree.

Do your research. As a canadian it is legal to date whom EVER you want the only exception is if it's someone underage SEX SHOULD NOT TAKE PLACE, unless BOTH parties agree if older than 16. Please do your homework :)

Date and sex are one in the same for adults. You are justifying, if what you say is true he sleeping with a different girl. Adults have sex, quite frequently. Your dating an adult, almost middle aged at that. Look at what your saying.

Your dad a piece of garbage and you found a daddy figure to replace him. To feel loved by an older man. Sad thing I believe everything you say, about your dad. A decent parent would love you enough to supervise you more. Not ever hit your teenage girl growing into a woman. Please don't think I look down on you, far from. My heart goes out to you. Your last couple messages made me feel so much sadder.

I've seen this so many times. Child with a older man. It never ends good for the child. I've seen this crap for over 20 years. I'm being realistic here.

I'd also point out numerous cases where adult kills child cause they knew law was gonna catch em. Or kidnap and sell into sex trade.

It's your personality as a child to take personally. I said nothing wrong, I did say you are being molested. If not physically than emotionally. Your dad beats you. You are already a victim. Victims make excuses for victimizers. I'm sure you did for your dad for sometime.

Unless they are a victim in denial or a victimizer


I understand you're concern as you are a father but if you read my experiences my dad doesn't give one flying **** about me. He abuses me physically and it has had a great emotional impact on me. Yes I do admit at first he was 21 and I was scared that he was too old for me but honestly I don't have a problem with it. I love him and so does he. We make it work no matter what anyone says. We've been together for 3 years. We've never had sex. So it's LEGAL! plus as you are a father you wouldn't be harassing and putting down people (me). The way you come out with what you say is utterly DISRESPECTFUL and sorry for your daughter. Good day sir! I'm happy with my boyfriend just the way he is and I love him and there is NOTHING you can do :)


Thank you for your support. I know many people disagree. Some people give me the "look" sometimes. It hurts me a bit because I'm happy with my life and my boyfriend is to and I don't know why people can't just accept that without thinking he's up to something or trying to rape me. We've NEVER had sex and been together for 3 years. I hope your relationship with your older guy is a success and ignore everyone that tries to hate on you. In the end you have someone that loves you and they don't :p :) lol thanks :)

I got an older guy now, soo cute :3

I like older guys it's no lie idk why :3 best of luck

Thanks :3 I wish you the best as well

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Aww that's cute :3 I wish you the best

Thnx :)

All the best :) xxxxx

Thnx :)

That's very good 2 hear as long as y'all both are happy it doesn't matter what everybody else thinks

Aha thnxxxxx :)

This kind of gave me a heart attack initially but good for you

That's awesome

Good for you guys. Hope you guys stay happy!

Thanks :)