I am a mixed woman. I am of Native American, Bahamian, African American and European(White) descent. I do not prefer one race over the other and I do not discriminate against any race. But I do have a soft spot for white men, and men of other races than my own and I think it is because in my teenage years there were 2 boys whom I dated that completely swept me off my feet and made me feel amazing. One was a Jewish and white, he bought me roses and passionately pursued and pined over me despite the racial slurs of his mother at a young age.! He was 16 and I was 14. We never had sex but his kiss alone made me shake with nerves and set me on fire.. The other boy who's interest peaked my own was Jewish but was from Israel and was light brown skinned like me and had a semi thick accent. He was exotic and passionate and intense. He called me whenever he had a free moment and we would talk on the phone all night till morning. He always wanted to see me and could never keep his hands off me. He was an amazing kisser and talked about me as if I was a Queen. As if he never saw anyone more beautiful. We never had sex either I was 15 or 16 at that time and he was 17. With both of these boys I had major chemistry, passion, sexual tension, butterflies, nerves but at the same time felt very safe and comfortable like we were not just lovers but great friends. Unfortunately those experiences were rare.. Where I live in MI it is not easy to find many men other than black men willing to go outside their race. I love other races of people but I fear most men of other races do not find me attractive.!
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I'm Mexican and I'd wife you up in a heartbeat ❤️💍

If the males where you live don't find you attractive I'm moving up there to open a eye glasses business,, You are very attractive

Thank you very much.!!☺️

When I open the store and if you need a job lol

What race are your parents?

My Mothers mom is Native American and her Father is Black n White. My Fathers mom is Bahamian and his Father is mixed with Black n White.

Nice, but isnt Bahamian a nationality not a race?

I'm not sure really lol I just know my dad's mom is from the Bahamas

Am Caucasian and find it strange that others of my 'race' are not willing to go outside their race. I see so many that do, and am mixed myself however identify as a Cauc since thats what I get called. So much for color blindness LOL

Lol I am not sure why either.! I know some people where I live their family threatens to disown them if they do. Or they just do not support it at all.

Well, if you find one who is willing to ditch that kind of family for you... u better keep him.

Girl you are gorgeous!!!

Thank You.!!! I feel better already.! Lol