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I have tried convincing my grandparents, and my biological fathers side of the family that "race" was meant as a word for mankind's entirety. If you believe in the Christian religion then you believe that God created Adam from the dust, and from that created woman.

If you don't believe in that, but you believe we as humans have souls, then we realize that our souls have no color.

If you don't agree with that, then at least be educated enough in life to know that love, acceptance, loyalty, respect and honesty are hard enough to find without sifting all the people who are of a different skin tone, heritage, or upbringing than yourself. out of the equation....

If we deny love are we not then in the same denying our heart.

And for those who are the comical light hearted type, this is for you.. I have yet to meet a person who bleeds green and has a pine cone for a heart. lol...

We are all the same, we laugh, we cry, we love, we hate, we live, we die! 



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very well put i must say!

In my opinion, it's the inside that matters most. Like there can be the most beautiful/hot/cutest girl in the world, but if she's one evil bltch then I wouldn't want her

I wish I could have put it so well. I have been in a "mixed race" relationship for over 10yrs,married for the last 2 yrs. We have a son together, a beautiful son, who truly represents the best of us both.<br />
Unfortunately, during the pregnancy when you are excited we received some very negative feedback from some family. Mostly from my dads siblings which didn't matter to me. Their ignorance is so clouded by their alcoholism, their words don't hurt me. What hurt was my grandmother, the only one I have left, the one I lived with for 18 months, saying negative things. To the affect we should not even have the baby. The child will be picked on because it will not fit in anywhere. This hurt so bad, I was beginning to become angry and resentful towards her. I realize she is of a much older and different generation. That I will never change that. Doesn't mean I think she is right, or accept her thinking. It means I tolerate it simply because she is my grandma.<br />
Ironically all 3 of my older "white" kids, first crush/boyfriend/girlfriend have been black!!

it is sad that in this world of greed hate and hurt that anyone would dicourage someone from being happy due to color of skin!! if you find someone that makes you happy who cares what color they are. you shouldn't have to try to convince someone that what you are doing is right. if he treats you right and you are both in love, just live your life, they will soon understand and there judgemental minds just might change!!