I Love It!!

I am so so happy I found this group. I love period sex!

It doesn't stop me and my girl at all. I love the mess and the feel of it and when we 69 I get so turned on.

Feels great when mixed with pee sex too... I want to add everyone in this group to my friends list. X
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3 Responses May 25, 2012

periodsex has always been my fav and a very intimate time to share with a lady if she is willing

For me, the nastier it is, the hotter it makes me. Guess that's why I shared a fresh, warm, wet tampon with my ex one evening when we were both a bit toasted. So ******* kinky, and exciting! And yes, I'd eat a woman every day of the month. Not a problem for a dirty old man like me! ; )

sex during time of the month is the best if the lady allows it . i find it the most intimate too cos of what the 2 of u are sharing