Never Had Any

I never grew pubic hair - or leg hair - which is fine with me! I used to want it badly as a kid - then as a teen a lot of girls were shaving or waxing anyway - I never had the fuss. Plus - no stubble and no itchies - and no pain! :) I like it smooth - looks better in underwear and bathing suits - and the guys don't seem to mind. The girls either for all that. :)
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For a few years I had a girlfriend that was very blond, she had almost no pubic or leg hair and what she had was like alittle lite fuzz. She was quite happy she never had to shave anything.

As a man I can tell you that the look is nice, but well groomed can look very nice as well. The biggest advantage to being smooth is that it is just polite if you expect to receive oral on a regular basis. I am a giver, but I've been with women in the past that didn't get it even though they expected it. If its not smooth I won't go down there. Many of my friends feel the same way. You are one of the lucky ones, but I've always imagined keeping it clean shaves as being a pain, but worth it.

For a while now I have been shaving mine. When I first went for one of my regular massages, my masseuse simply said that this is a new look for you!<br />
She added that she had lots of clients of both sexes who would shave or wax their pubic areas! I must say that my wife prefers the no hair look too!

I prefer "clean" partners - it makes so many things so much more fun! And I like the way it looks! Glad I am the way I am!!!

Depending on my mood, I prefer a my wife bushy or trimmed!
Most of the times when we have our massages, she is trimmed, which she prefers!

Wow, that's awesome. I ended paying for laser hair treatment removal for my wife and daughter. I also paid for my personal assistant too, but that was sort of a bonus...LOL!

Maybe you also did it as a Xmas present for you Mom, your aunt Ermina, your grandma, and a couple of girls from the neighbourhood?