Everything Slipped Away

I was always a bit of a loner when I was younger. I was home-schooled and had social anxiety, but when I went back to school in 8th grade I became a social butterfly. I had tons of friends, I met my best friend ever and I got my first real boyfriend a year later. Then life was so good for the next few years and I was as happy as could be expected. But I guess I was the only one. This last year (My senior year of high school) my boyfriend of three years told me he didn't think he liked me anymore and left; that was the beginning of everything wrong that has happened within this year. Then one by one all of my friends thought it was better if they didn't see me anymore because they were always with him and thought it would be a better idea to separate us. Therefore it was just me and my three closest friends, which was okay; I could live with that. But then even they stopped talking to me. One told me I was the worst friend they have ever seen, the other got hardcore into drugs, and then my last friend never said anything - he just stopped talking to me altogether. Now I have no friends left and I don't talk with most of my family. My parents are alcoholics and my oldest three siblings don't like us younger three at all. I went from being so happy to being profoundly alone in two months
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2 Responses Sep 20, 2011

Dont take this the wrong way PLEASE, but your still so young :) you have so much life left to live that this will undoubtedly change very quickly! I know it seems like a lifetime to go through but you will make new friends and better ones! the best thing you could do right now is focus on yourself- really, focus on becoming the person you want to be and attaining your goals because when this "drought" is over it will be hard to focus when all you want to do is go out with your friends ;) Show them (and yourself) exactly how stong, and smart you are by getting your college degree and your life together without them!

I know that's what I will do because I've always been more career minded than social anyways, so I'm not really worried about how well I'm going to do in my life; I know I'll be fine. I want friends for the emotional support and comfort they give. I find it hard to ignore my, often, terrible moods and such and I feel the desire to have a friend that can comfort me. Thank you for the encouragement though ^^

I'm going through the exact same thing right now. My friends all abandoned me after my mom died last year and now when I need them the most, they won't even take my calls. People are such animals. I wish I had some great advice to share with you, but all I can say is you're not alone. I console myself by thinking that with friends like that, maybe you're better off without them. Still, I really hope you make some decent friends, ones who can be there for you.