I Have No Real Friends... And

If you think real friends are those people that you could go to if you were really in trouble; like if you had to be bailed out of jail or something - none;
someone you could ring at 3 am if you were feeling suicidal - none;
someone who would be moved if you were crying - none!
I've started groups - of work colleagues and friends of friends - with whom I have something in common - like going to the Theatre. I've invited some of these people over for a meal: one of them said: it'd be too hard for you, I'm a vegetarian.
I tried to convince her, but she didn't come. I don't invite them outside of our theatre outings. I don't get it, I thought we were friends.
I generally don't get invitations either - is this strange?

The thing that's made my life bearable lately is 'meetup.com'.  Maybe things will turn around

Family - heaps of them; loads of them and 90% or more of them are in other countries - its an accident of world events; but I've met many of them. As an only child they are all distant relatives like cousin being the closest. I have been to see some of them, as I like to travel and I have the means. But none of them has ever come to see me, although there are many of them who like to travel and have the means.

Usually I don't even get Christmas cards - for some time, I used to send them, some years if I'm feeling like it, I send them, but mostly I get nothing back.
This is why Christmas is so hard for me.  Every Christmas I have the big melt-down and some years I've tried o go to counselling before the melt-down so that it doesn't happen but event hat hasn't worked.
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

Candydream - I have started my story with explaining what I mean by good friends - and its that deep very caring supportive kind of friendship - not exactly the same as what you are talking about. I have loads of friends to hang out with and go to lunch with and go to the theatre with and shopping and breakfasts and brunch and so on. On the surface of it, I might look like I have loads of friends. However, what I find I don't have is that deep kind of connection. So we are talking about different things. Good luck to you!

everything you have named is a recipe concoction for end-result of lonlyness. ...1 of the reasons id rather still take my chances on putting my life and well being in hands of new concciderat concerned friends. (family was never there for any of those things you named on life help and small assists) so a caring friend who could not be there for every aid my way wouldnt be such a big issue. ..as long as we show care and could just be there for each other when we COULD, that would be enough