Long Distance Relationship Failed

Hi my name is Akash,19 .So i met this girl 'Ananya,19' on some Facebook page, from where it all began. Never ever in my life i thought I'd fall in love with this girl. We both were from different cities. I was from Baroda,India and she from Kolkata,India. 1176 miles away from each other. When i entered in her life she was already in a relationship, and was going through a rough phase. Her then-boyfriend dumped her and she was at lowest of her life. I was there for her. I gave her my shoulder morally and emotionally both. We used to talk like hours and hours on phone plus we use to interact a lot on Facebook. We started feeling for each other. I was totally in lover with her. But she was still unsure about the relationship as there were 2 basic reasons 1) Long Distance Relationship and 2) Trustissues. But I told her that we'll make it through. Months and months went like this on a virtual relationship. Finally after 6 months of being in a virtual relationship, i decided to meet her. So i went to Kolkata just to meet her. i had seen her virtually but this was my first time in person. DAMN, only one word dropped out of my mouth. "ANGEL"!!! yes she was truly an angel. I was lost in her eyes and voice. I hugged her like anything. We were like 12 days together and then i had to go back to my place as i was due with my studies. Those 12 days were the best days of my life. While i was leaving, she promised me that she'd come to visit me at my place at her Semester end. I had got tears in my eyes while departing because somewhere in my mind i was afraid that whether we would be able to meet again or not. Soon after our meeting she missed me alot like anything. I missed her too. We were back to our same old virtual long distanced relationship. It all went good till 1 month. But suddenly she lessen the contact. I mean she used to hang out lot with her friends. I never-minded as i thought this'd be temporary but i was wrong it went on and on. I asked her if she had any problem in her life etc. But she was like "No, its me, i want to be myself". The same went on like weeks. The day before valentine she'd promised that she'll be with whole day on webcam and she also specifically added we'll make it special. But guess what she forgot everything she rather opted o spend all her day at friend's place. I was a hurt a lil bit because she was changed. Change is inevitable but that was not acceptable. So i couldn't take that i started her questioning, doubting etc. I kind of cracked her space. but that was necessary too because it was already month with that change. Whenever i used to clarify the things she always used to get angry. We fought for like a month. I know it was my fault too but the way she was behaving it was just out of control for me. One day she ended up saying "Hey Akash i love you, but dont want to be in a relationship anymore, its not your fault akash, its me, i want to be myself". I was shattered like anything. She still wanted to be friends but being friends after break up is like being in a touch with a kidnapper after kidnapping. After then we never talked. I was diaognised with OCD. I was gone out control. Dropped my weight like 9 Kgs. I just couldn't keep her away from thoughts. But guys you know what i loved loving her. I hope i could fix this all but its too late. I miss her everyday, every single minutes. I hope she is fine, wherever she is, with whomsoever she is. I've decieded one thing i would never love any other girl. I know its kind of a stupidity but though she is not in contact with me i still love her and will love her forever. All my love goes to u my cutie my.

I have kept my story so brief and in easy language so that everyone can understand it. Even a illiterate person with some knowledge of english literature would able to get it. So here i end up. I am planning to write a book on my love story in detailed manner.

LOts of love ananya
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Someday you will meet someone.. and thank this day saying.. hadn't she gone.. you may not have found the one you were searching of