After Divorce

I used to have a lot of friends until I divorced. In order to defend her affair my ex told a lot of lies about me and cost me everyone I knew. That was 10 years ago and those friends have never been replaced. Over the years many came forward to aopoligise but it was too late. I now know a lot of people and there are plenty I can have a drink or play some sport with but I have no real friends, just people I know. You just don't seem to make friends like your old friends were. It's hard by the age of 40, people have their own lives and families and old friends, they don't have room for new ones. I keep active, I go out meet people and stay positive, but once back at home, that's it, nobody wants to know. If I have a problem, am ill, or just want a talk about something on my mind, there is nobody. I could go to my parents but I don't want them worrying about me, so I carry on alone. Sometimes I wish I never met my ex, I had such a good life and future before. Other times I wish I had never learnt of her cheating, that we were still together and all my old friends and her family were still around me. Either one would be better than this.
Coffee71 Coffee71
36-40, M
1 Response May 18, 2012

Hi Coffee71.I can feel your pain. My ex husband was my top priority during my 10 years marriage and I gradually lost my connections with my old friends. I always declined invitations for parties or activies togerther because I had to look after my ex husband and our dog, doing all the cooking, cleaning. I hardly had any time for friends. Now i am divorced and I have no real friend in life...I hope you will find love and true friendship again very soon. We all deserve happiness. Just hanging out with normal friends for now. I believe it is only a matter of time for you to find true friends.