Yep...this Is Me....

I have very few family members and virtually no REAL friends...plenty of acquaintances, yes, but REAL FRIENDS that I can count on, not really. It is quite lonely most of the time. I enjoy visiting family when I can (they live out of state) but when I am home, I am pretty isolated. I really need a friend I can talk to freely but it has been years since I have had that kind of real friend and there are no possibilities on the horizon right now.
3 Responses Dec 5, 2012

I know how you feel. If there is anyone I know that I see more than once, they are just acquaintances. I have no one I can talk to, go places with, confide in, share experiences, etc.

I also feel like there is nothing or no one on my horizon either. My main problem is that I have never really had any friends in my life. I don't even know how to make and keep friends.

It would be nice to have one really good friend, who you could just talk to about anything, or just sit there, enjoy each other's company and not say a thing, but still understand each other.

I work long hours, so its pretty much impossible for me to go out during the week. I never have any particular plans for the weekend, so I just do as I go.

I hope you are able to meet and make some lasting friends. I feel for you.

you can count me in... i have lost mine.... when i was in grade 5... and never let any one in ever again... sometimes.. if i tend to let some people in .... ( inside my safe zone..) they tend to do things.... freaking me out.. forcing me to kick them out... we're here... if you need anything... we're here...

We are your friends here at ep. cheer up. You r not the only one who feels this way. Try to keep yourself occupied by engaging in activities you like so that you won't constantly think about being alone all the time. go to the gym, do voluntary work that way you will meet new people. Hope this help