I Do Not Have Any Family, I Spent My Life Caring For My Mom Now She Is Gone.

I spent most of my life taking care of my mom. she passed away now i am all alone.never had children, dad died whne i was a teen. mom was only child so no aunts uncles.  I just wish i had family more than anything. someon who knows and understands me. always.


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3 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Dear Nance:<br />
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An angel like you who took great care of her mother until she passed will meet good people. Try to get yourself socially active. Start small maybe volunteer at a hospital once a week. Look in your local commimity for activities at the library. You have a lot of goodness to offer. Your mother will be cheering you on and giving you confidence! Good luck. Noelle25

Hi nance, I hope that maybe your life has improved a bit since you posted. <br />
Like you, I have no family either and would dearly love to have one. Most people with families can't really understand our situation, what it feels like to be us, the loneliness and the fear of having noone there to turn to. You did well to have cared for your mum alone for so many years. I do hope that you meet someone who will give you the care you need.

you will never truly be alone. your mom is always with you, so is your dad. both are looking over you. they dont want to see you like this. you will find someone who will understand you. just you wait. you will soon realize that life is worth it. hang in there. i can tell you're really strong. dont give up