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My Answer To An Anti-smoking Question On Another Site...

Should drinking in movies be banned? Should eating meat in movies be banned? PETA would certainly say so. Bar-b-ques cause 2nd hand smoke. Should they be banned? Sugar, "the other white powder" according to Dr. Phil, should it be banned?" I ride a bike and used public transit in Los Angeles. I am forced to breathe everyone else's auto exhaust. Should cars be banned? Ever see the grease smoke coming out of a McDonald's? Should fast food be banned?" Obesity is our biggest national health issue and now the government is poised to take over health care. How soon before the decree what we can and cannot eat? Think I'm kidding?: They are talking about outlawing sodas for kids under 17. Outlawing! Be careful who's liberties you play fast and loose with. Your liberties are right behind those. I know these posters below are a bit strong and I have had good discussions with you on other subjects and I hope we do in the future, but they sum up my view quite succinctly. And, I made them myself. No personal offense is intended,
smokingrocks1 smokingrocks1 56-60, M May 19, 2012

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