I Cant Relate to His Life

my dad has always been a jerk.

when i was little hed always fight with my mom he hated my halfbrother so much he kicked him out when he was only 16 then when my realy brother started to get older he started to be mean to him. as of my relationship with him i was his baby hed always love me and buy me things that i did not deserve. after watching what he was doing to the rest of my family i despised him i was embarrased by him much earlier than i was by my own mother. when i was 11 my parents divorced eachother we kept the house and he rented a tiny house not too far away.

he screwed my mom over knowing itd effect his childrens lives. he took all the money so she couldnt pay for the house and thats what caused us to move 2 hours away. he talks **** about her everyday id talk to him saying how it was her fault and she used to cheat on him and just horrible nasty things you dont tell your kids. my brother started screwing up in his teen years and hed scream at him and beat him and it was horrible to watch. almost like that one movie with leonardo Decaprio and Robert Dinero idk what its called but yeah.

so as i got older i found out that my dad has a sickness the same one my grandma had. its heriditary apparently. after i found that out i didnt want a relationship with him i was scared hed hurt me one day or do something to hurt himself. i think hes a terrible person who has no heart. he payed for my phone bill but a couple weeks ago i got grounded and my mom took my phone.

he flipped out and told me he was shutting it off because my mom was just doing this to get back at him and not let me talk to him blah blah blah....

so when he actually did it i stoped talking to him.

My life is soooo much better because of it.

oh and my brother is currently in jail and has vistitation on mon, well i guess he goes and sees him and just says how hes disowning him and more of that horrible crap. im sorry but that makes me want to kill the guy how could you tell your child whos only 18 this rotten things when hes never needed you more in his whole life. its sickning the things he says and my brother just listens to it. hed rather have a messed up dad than no dad at all.

i feel bad for him to have to go through that its not fair because my dad never did that to me only my brothers. hes still going to pay for my car though.

might as well get what i can.

if you think thats mean you havent experienced my life.

DRayy92 DRayy92
Feb 25, 2009