No Talents, So What?

Recently, I finally come to terms that I may posses no talents. In the past, I did have trouble with that. Pride and all, how do you react when you realize you have nothing you're inherently strong at?

Should that stop you from believing in yourself? After more than a decade of dealing with this issue, personally, I would say 'no'. You know what? At least, you tried your best. You learn new things. You attempt to excel in whatever you focus. Bottom line is at least you try.

I'm currently working as an animator and there's so many days when I wonder I could get any better as my colleagues all around are improving in their craft. I can't sketch like some of them. I don't know much software like some of them.

But I come to discover that people 'without talents' is actually one of the strongest and most resourceful individuals in the world (in my opinion). We start out with nothing but as the years progress, we bring out the best in what we diligently focus on. Our most helpful character traits will be our solid resilience and huge capacity of will power to succeed.

Seriously, talent is overrated. I heard of stories of artists who actually stop improving because of this over hyped sense of inherent skillfulness. Which is why we should be content at where we are and continually work towards a better future. Then and there, will the best of us be displayed, even without talents, best still.

Archblood Archblood
1 Response Sep 8, 2009

Do what you enjoy not what you're good at! I like this!