I Can't Stand Posers Who Lie And Cheat Their Way Through Everything

So, I am a student who has quite a few classes under my belt. And right now, I'm finishing up chemistry. This term would have been the best, but one thing made it a stress fest - my fat a$$, lazy, lying, sack o'crap lab partner.

On the first day of Chem, she came right up to me, and asked to be my partner. I didn't know her, but said fine, with one stipulation - sepearate lab reports. I learned from the past not to let people attach their names to my work, because it always ends up with me doing ALL of their work. She was shocked, and kept asking me to change my mind. I was firm, telling her she can work with me, but she has to do her own calculations and write up. She then told me she is a "pre-med" major - as if this would change my mind? Oh and by the way, she already introduces herself as "Dr. Munoz".

But on with the rant. Everyday this dumb-a$$ is 20-30 minutes late - and always has an excuse. This week it was a flat tire, her mom was in the ER, and another flat tire, etc. Now that's just days she shows up.  She's actually missed about 3 weeks total now.  For the days she doesn't show up, she tells me, "I was just too tired to come", or "I was drinking all weekend, and didn't feel like coming in".

Now if her work was awesome, I wouldn't give it a second thought, but this chick's work is BAD! She's never once been prepared for a lab, she's never once opened the text book, and she can't pay attention for more than three seconds at a time. I kid you not, but when the instructor explained Absorbance and Transmittance, three times in a row - she turned to me and said, "what is absobance and transmittance"? The answer to this was still written on the board, bigger than life right in front of her. Then when it came to using the machines, such as the spectrophotometer, she refused to learn. Instead she told me, "Oh, I'll just LET you do that, since you have a groove with the machines". WTF?  The three times she actually did something in the lab, she did it all wrong, and blamed everyone else.  I ended up having to come in, and re-do everything she screwed up.

She doesn't have a clue on how to do anything - not even the basic fundamentals from Intro chem. I asked myself, how on earth did she even make it into advanced chem... then she told me. In intro, she was in a lab group that consisted of three guys, who did all of her work for her. For this class, she hooked up with some guy who took the class before, and is doing her calculations for her now.

So basically, I am working alone, as "Dr. Munoz" just copies my collected data, which she gives to some other dude to do the calculations. By the end of the day, she even has the never to say to me, "I really like our team". This makes me want to grab her by the back of her head, and slam her poser face into the lab bench.

If there is any justice in the world, she will flunk this class. Though I don't know, the labs are where the points are at, not the exams.

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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

She is not going to get far let alone medical school with kind of work ethic and attitude. do not let her take advantage of you anymore