The Things That Bother Me The Most, Are The Ones I Cant Fix

So it all started when i was dating my ex boyfriend. he was amazing but after about a year i just started feeling like i had no confidence.i dont know where it started or when but it was like i woke up and things that never used to bother me, started to bother me so bad. Like at that point my mom told me i was loosing my butt, and then all day i was freakin out about it. because it was my only O.K asset. i mean i literally have no chest and i swear all day everyday people talk about boobs.i just have nothing good about me at all. People judge by looks first n im an 18 year old girl who hasn't gotten hit on for 4years. i dont care about bein hit on but it just proves what type of people someone wants to talk too.
Eventully me and my ex boyfriend broke up and about 6 months later i found a new boyfriend. He has two kids n he seems so perfect and i am still with him to this day.While the first couple months of dating him though i happened to see that theres **** on his phone! well after i seen that i just broke down crying telling him "he doesnt like how i look" and that "he'd rather me look like one of the girls he wates in ****" and he apologized and everything. Now whenever he tells me im beautiful or i look perfect i say "i think your lying because obviously if i was good enough for you, you wouldnt have to watch ****." Now after the first incadent he's been more careful but i have caught it like 3 times n i dont know what can be wrong with me beisides me being extremly ugly n not having any curves. Its like one of his friends asked me "doesnt it just drive you crazy when you see a 12 year old girl with bigger boobs than you" and im like "yea it does,it actually makes me want to cry" its just so why did i have to end up looking this ugly..n being so far away from perfect n then theres woman that have everything,a great face n body n everything. i figure everyone knows im ugly and no one wants to talk to me because of that.
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1 Response Dec 30, 2011

People don't determine whether or not they want to talk to you by how ugly you are. I'm sure you aren't ugly anyways.But I have no self confidence either so I can relate to you in some ways. <br />
I wouldn't take the **** tooo seriously, I mean your bf loves you and be would never compare you to those girls. If it really bothers you, which it sounds like it is, maybe try talking to him about it again. Maybe ask him why he has it, and tell him how you feel about it again. Hopefully he'll understand.