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I've always been an open book but I closed a long time ago.all my life I had been called ugly and stupid and not worth it.when you have been told the same thing over and over agin for ever you star to believe theme


There is no changing that now
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Sorry to hear that. Allot of people our there are jerks. I sure there allot of great things about you and hope you meet someone learn how such of a cool person you are.

i sure there is. What things you like to do?

I find nothing cheesy about painting. My friend draw a picture for me of art work of a African Woman. I was very happy she made that for me. Like I said, I knew there things cool about you as I love people that like painting

some people think an Adult playing with Lego is cheesy yet there adults around the world have Lego clubs. Trix are for kids, and people also think Lego for kids, but people are so wrong.

Once you move out and get your own place, you have the freedom to do what you want to do. Example for me, within the last few months, I spent $500 getting video games consoles that I use to have from my childhood. Other people might say there better ways to use my money, but I don't care. It my money and I spend it how I pleased.

soon enough you will.

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