Which I Guess Is Why I'm On Ep

When you can't make friends in "the real word", turn to another "reality"! Hah, I've always been fascinated with the concept of not living in the real world. Whenever I hear that phrase I just wonder what kind of other worlds people make up and live in. I go to community college and it sucks a** man... I used to have friends who went there too but we've drifted apart and now I'm all on my own. My whole life I've always gone through these phases- I'll have this great phase of maybe a year or two where I have great friends and then for two years or so I'll be all alone again and then the cycle repeats itself. Right now I'm in the utterly alone-depressed phase. I suppose I should be used to it but... I also got used to going out every weekend, having those friends that I could call or receive calls from everyday, feeling that they actually cared about me. Now I just spend my weekends online, maybe rent a movie for myself, go to the park with my dog. I'm going to go out of the country for a month to see my family and when I get back for the fall semester I intend to make friends but my extreme shyness is hindering... Oh well, jut gotta try and stay positive?!
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I dont have friends i cant even go up to ppl n start a chat<br />
I go blank in my head so i just dont even try,im not rude i just stick to myself. N <br />
Use chat rooms to chat with ppl.

Ugh, I also have this kind of phrases but it lasts for days. Like two days in a row I have a great social life and feel like having friends and suddenly next day everybody forgets me and once again I feel as lonely as hell :<

2 days... you mean weekends? lol I'd be happy if they remembered me that much :/ stupid friends!