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So I have a friend who does recruiting. She's very attractive, makes quite a bit of money, and i think overall has had a pretty successful career. But she has trouble making friends, and I wonder if  working in HR is a way she can connect with people. I mean how freakin intelligent, to choose a kind of work that can heal you and pays REALLY well. Maybe I should look into going into HR. Right now at my job I have to interact with people who are warm and caring, and that really helps me feel more socially acceptable, but it looks like for now it will be less than part time. So what other structures could I implement in my life that would give me a semblance of a social life? Or allow me to connect with people in some way?
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I too am trying to become less of a hermit and become more sociable. The library was a good start--they have book clubs, a Socrates Cafe, and that's where I heard about an exercise class that have some very nice people. I also decided to take up a musical instrument and am taking mandolin lessons--we'll see where that leads. When I get up the courage, I may even take dance lessons--some friends are trying to get me to do square dance lessons; others ballroom dancing. But you can connect with people most anywhere---the town I live in isn't big, but between the library, the churches, and finding activities in the newspaper, I don't think it will be too difficult. If they have plays here, they have them everywhere! Good luck Emily---you'll do fine.


My ex works in Human Resources. It does sound like a good place to work if you've got the people skills to handle it.