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I Am Nowhere.

hi every1.evey1 who is reading this story,i would really appreciate if you comment and guide me in sum away.i had a wonderful nearly perfect relation f 1.5 year but then i moved away and everything fell was after 4 mnths of the breakup that i sumhow managed to move back to the town where my bf lived.nehow,i managed to inform him dat m back.but he just called me and tokd to me for a long time asking about felt nice but he said nothing about meetng up even when he lives jus 15 mins away.m devastated now coz i have done a lot to move back here.i wanted to save my relationship.i sent him a mail d next day saying dat i was really hoping to see him.but i havent got any reply.please suggest me wat to do.m miserable and very much depressed.
healing25 healing25 26-30, F 1 Response Feb 5, 2013

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I wish I could simply say "don't be depressed," but that won't help. I think that you should acknowledge & give yourself credit for talking to him & him wanting to know how you were. I don't think that you should get worried that he hadn't responded to your mail or asked you to meet up, give him some time. Remember you just moved back into town & he probably has a lot of other stuff going on at the moment. He may come into contact with you again at his pace. Be patient.

thanks a lot for commenting.

No problem. Hopes everything works out for you.

i dnt thnk itz gonna to.sumtymes i jus feel like going to hs door and ask hm y.but my frnz stop me.

whn he tokd to me the other day,he told me watz goin on in hs lyf.he is avoiding me coz he isnt ready to face me.coz we broke up at distance.and dat hurts.coz i could make it ryt.i m sacrificing a lot to make it ryt.

Ohhh, well I understand that you want to make it right. But like you said, "he isn't ready..." so I think you should just give him some time to figure things out. So instead of trying to finish where y'all left off, why don't you try being just his friend? And see where it goes from there.

ya.u r ryt.but it amazes me how sum1 can lose ol d feelngs in such a short time when he was madly in love 1ce.evey corner f dis city has us.wherva i go.i want my answers.and itz v.v.painful to see him not care.i would rather ask him if v can ever be together and jus leave foreva if he says no.and move on.

Maybe that's what you have to for in order to get closure. Just ask that question. "Is there a chance of us getting back together? " I understand that you want your answer but at the same time, you don't want to come off as desperate. He may seem like he has gotten over yoy quickly in your opinion, but everyone handles break-ups differently.

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