It's Slightly Amusing, Really.

 I was talking to my mom on the phone just now, and she said I should really go out to a bar with some friends or something. I think it just about takes the cake when your mother is urging you to go get drunk. XD



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If it is a karoake bar I don't need alcohol; though, others might! :-)'

*hugs* to Queen82. :(<br />
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I don't have many friends. The few that I do have moved away. I don't get out much cause I'm a stay at home mom. It's getting lonely being me. I'm tired of this Army life. I can't wait for my husband to get out so I won't have to worry about having to say good bye anymore. I have no one to hang out with. My best friend lives in Colorado, the other in Texas, the only friend I had here in Ny just moved away. Her husband got out of the Army. I look for excuses to run to Wal-Mart just to get out of the house. My husband hates to go out and hates to have people over because of his PTSD. It's getting depressing.

I like bars. But not Discos. Usually in a disco the music is too loud to talk to anyone and the drinks are all watered! Also the girls are just there to show themselves off and not to be picked up!

That was the nice bar! I live in the country where there is nothing but bars and gas stations. If I wanted to go to a club, I would have to drive an hour up the road to Cleveland or Columbus. I've never heard of an affinity group, but I will look into it. Thanks :)

some bars are nice. But you're not limited to bars. Try a club or night class. Yahoo Groups has thousands of affinity groups. good luck!

My father use to try to get me to go out to the bars all the time. One nigt, I finaly went to a bar of his suggestion. Half hour after arrival there was a shooting followed by the shooter fleeing to the road only to be ran over. My father now likes the fact that I Don't go out.

Nah i dnt go wth that at al,only u cn do best 4 urslf do as lng as its save!!

lol! Sometimes Mother really does know best ha!

I hate bars. I think I'm getting too old to go out to the typical bars around here, because they're filled with college students. Now, I'm not against being friends with college students, but the type that are in these bars are not the student I'd want to be friends with. <br />
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I need to find a bar for 30 year olds!!